Medical and Health Charities

Medical and Health Charities In the UK, your health is primarily catered for by the NHS. If you need a little extra support, there are medical and health charities available too. These charities usually provide extra assistance to those who are suffering from a specific condition, as well as carrying out research and raising awareness. It is due to the diverse nature of medicine and healthcare that there are multiple charities across the UK, as well as some international organisations that work on healthcare issues in the UK too. While some of these charities are relatively well-known to most of us, others exist to help those with rare conditions.

Medical and Health Charities for Children

Children's medical and health charities in the UK exist to treat, prevent, and cure conditions. These charities provide services relating to those aged between 0 and 17 years. One of the most well-known children's charities in the UK is Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).As anybody living in the UK will know, GOSH is a state-of-the-art hospital that treats severe paediatric cases. As well as providing treatment on a free of charge basis, GOSH also raises vital funds that are used to carry out research. The paediatricians working there are some of the world's best, and are well-known for continuously producing literature that investigates some of the world's most debilitating children's conditions.

Another well-known children's health charity in the UK is Sparks. Sparks focuses on neonates, and viable unborn babies. Sparks is dedicated to investigating some of the rarer conditions that can affect a child's life if they occur before, during, or just after birth. Much like GOSH, they provide care for those who need it most. Through their work, parents can access rare forms of treatment that may not be available via the NHS otherwise.

Cancer Related Charities

One of the main charities people seek support from when they are ill is cancer charities. As cancer is something that affects 1 in 3 of us, it stands to reason that there is a wealth of charities out there providing support. In addition to this, these charities also carry out research into the disease, consistently pushing towards a cure as they do.

Marie Curie, Cancer Research UK, and Macmillan are all well-known names in the world of medical and health care charities. These charities conduct vital research into curing and treating cancer. They also strive to make sure that diagnostic procedures can be carried out as early as possible, to prevent cancer from spreading too fast before it can be treated.

While some cancer charities are broad in nature, other are more specific. For example, Marie Curie covers all aspects of cancer. In contrast, Breast Cancer Care focuses specifically on breast cancer. Cancer charities not only raise awareness and conduct lifesaving research, they also provide vital support to patients and their families. Some charities will assist with bereavement plans and help cancer patients apply for benefits, preventing them from suffering financially as a result. As cancer is a time when many people face leaving work and finding other sources of finance, those who work with cancer charities can expertly guide patients through the process to make it as pain-free as possible.

Many cancer charities provide additional support to those suffering from the disease. This ranges from providing a bus service that can take them to appointments, to assisting them with benefits claims. The bus services available via these charities can help a patient and their family make sure they can attend appointments, without having to worry about the costs associated with travel. When it comes to finances, many cancer patients find that they have to stop work temporarily. When this happens, applying for benefits can become overwhelming. Cancer charities usually have extensive resources available to those who want to learn more about applying for benefits in order to supplement themselves while undergoing treatment.

Mental Health Charities

Although there was once a time when mental health was overlooked, that is no longer the case. There are now several mental health charities in place to ensure that those who suffer from poor mental health know their rights and do not suffer from stigma. For example, Mind is a charity that provides support to those who have been diagnosed with a mental health problem. Their work helps patients feel supported, and can introduce them to a network of individuals who are willing to share their experiences. Mind is well-supported by celebrities, including Stephen Fry, who is open about his Bipolar disorder. With such a high-profile network, Mind is one of the UK's biggest health charities, which allows it to carry out work that can benefit patients and their families.

Mental health charities such as the Mental Health Foundation and Mental Wealth help those who live with poor mental health find the support they need to regain happiness. As well as providing counselling and helplines, they also work towards making sure the stigma surrounding mental health is removed. This includes working towards raising awareness of mental health, and dispelling myths regarding conditions like depression. Many mental health charities also provide well-being workshops, particularly in areas that cater to the needs of young people. For example, some mental health charities provide well-being workshops in universities around exam time, as that is a period when stress and depression are likely to be exacerbated.

Communicable Disease Charities

From sexually transmitted diseases, to conditions that are also contracted in other ways, communicable disease charities aim to reduce stigma, provide support, and carry out research. The Terrence Higgins Trust is one of the most famous HIV/AIDS support charities in existence. It was established following the death of Terrence Higgins, and it aims to raise awareness regarding AIDS/HIV across the UK. It achieves this by running campaigns, as well as offering free testing services in areas where people are at risk. As AIDS/HIV comes with a stigma, it also provides support to those who have been recently diagnosed. By doing this, the Terrence Higgins Trust ensures that patients feel confident enough to continue with their prescribed course of treatment and get as much out of their lives as they possibly can.

Sexual Health Charities

With sexually transmitted diseases on the rise, there are multiple sexual health charities in place to raise awareness and prevent them from spreading further. One of the most prominent is Brooke. Brooke aims to make sure that young people are able to access information regarding their sexual health easily. In addition to this, they provide screening tests to those who are concerned about their health. Another popular sexual health charity is the Terrence Higgins Trust. The Terrence Higgins Trust was established following its namesake's demise as a result of AIDS. Since its early beginnings, it has worked towards making sure those most at risk of AIDS have the information they need to prevent themselves from catching it. In addition to this, it works towards eliminating the stigma that is often associated with AIDS and common misconceptions that can be harmful.

Health Charities for Everyone

Health charities are not just available for those conditions which everybody is familiar with. Even the rarest of conditions receive support from charities, which are consistently fighting to make sure more research is carried out. For example, Bechet's syndrome is something that only attracts 100 new patients a year. However, the Bechet's Syndrome Society still exists to make sure patients receive consistent support. This charity also works alongside researchers. It is the case that almost every medical condition receives some form of representation from a charity.

Medical and health charities are available to make sure that those suffering from a particular health condition receive the support they need to get more from their life. While some are well-known and recognised, others represent conditions many people have never heard of. Whether they are big or small, each charity does its bit towards research and providing excellent care.

For every health or medical condition, there is a charity to support those who suffer from it. Medical and health organisations in the UK are diverse in nature. While some may cover the diseases we are all familiar with, others may seem slightly more obscure to the majority of people. This diverse nature of UK medical and health charities means that there is something out there to provide support to everyone.